Our Professional Services

We provide an end to end services package covering all aspects of your sanctions technology programme.

Whether you are in the design & implementation phase, carrying out advanced tuning and optimisation, or delivering assurance to audit and/or regulators, we have the right mix of expertise and hands on experience to support you. Along with knowledge and expertise we leverage our technology tools in order to accelerate our time to delivery, as we are aware of the time criticality of sanctions related projects.

Contact our team (contact@contineofrs.co.uk) to learn more about how we can help your organisation.

Our service offerings are based
around the following areas:

Design &


Having the right filtering design that fits into your business process and technology ecosystem is the foundational element for a successful filtering platform. And after the design, having the right level of business domain and filtering technology expertise is critical in guiding your programme through a successful implementation. Organisations can often overlook the importance of leveraging subject matter expertise in these tasks, to benefit from lessons learned and to avoid undoing any work at a later stage. Our team brings valuable expertise here to ensure that your filtering platform has a rock solid foundation. We have a long list of lessons learned that we have used to tailor our own unique methodology, which we can leverage to your benefit.

Testing & assurance

Validating that filtering systems work as expected involves a significant amount of both technical and business testing. This goes beyond standard technology quality assurance (QA) and testing activities and instead, requires a deep understanding of the filtering domain, the filtering technology you use, your business processes, and more importantly your risk appetite. In a nutshell, a combination of different skill sets (understanding of regulatory expectations and technology as well as business process knowledge) is required to be able to successfully validate filtering systems.

Our team has developed a proprietary filtering testing framework, that can be leveraged to test both your filter performance (i.e. to check if the quality of alert output is as expected) as well as your end to end business process flows (e.g. to confirm that the data is expected to be filtered daily is indeed the data that gets filtered daily). Whether you are testing due to an implementation, ongoing assurance work, regulatory requirements or retrospective look-back work, we are able to support you with our skilled team and testing framework.

Tuning &


Without a well tuned filtering platform (delivering alert output as anticipated), and without an ongoing mechanism to optimise your filter performance, your investments into the filtering platform are far from realised. Tuning and optimisation is a critical activity that requires a combination of data analysis skills, hands on expertise on industry leading filtering tools, and an understanding of your organisation’s filtering risk appetite. Most importantly, it requires ‘real life’ experience of tuning and optimisation of the filtering platforms. There is a significant gap between the theory around tuning and optimisation of the filtering systems and the actual practical skills and expertise needed to deliver effective and efficient filtering systems; and it is important to strike the right balance in order to deliver tangible results.

Our team has delivered over 100 tuning assignments at leading financial institutions world-wide. We can provide you with the practical input you need to create an effective tuning environment, and to set up your end-to-end tuning processes, both of which are a pre-requisite before any tuning activity can be effective. To the extent possible, it is important for any tuning process to be made self-learning (based on learning from prior results), and this is an area where we can provide deep expertise as well. In addition, we are able to take up fixed tuning assignments where we can deliver an agreed result within an agreed timeframe.

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